Gigs and Myspace

So sadly my December gigs fell through as my health’s stayed pretty bad for the last couple of months and I haven’t been up to travelling. I’ve got nothing set up for the new future so I may start posting some of my alt-fashion stuff and other photography from time to time just so the blog doesn’t go completely into hibernation.

I got a pre-launch account for the new MySpace through today, which I was quite excited about as they seem to be re-launching the site for musicians and creatives. Unfortunately after a bit of messing around I have to say I’m not impressed. I signed up as a photographer but there’s no way to set up galleries of your work, you can only post photos on your stream and it seems far more oriented towards musicians than anyone else. So I went looking for some of the bands I like…only to find you can’t even search for specific bands, you can only browse by genre, of which there are only 15 or so very broad ones listed.

It’s still in beta so they’ll be adding more features (hopefully a LOT more), but right now the whole thing is virtually useless.

Have a good Xmas


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